Clinical Decision Support Systems and CHITS

CHITS recently celebrated its 10th year. From its inception as a “Child Health Injury Tracking System” to its present iteration as a “Community Health Information System,” CHITS continues to evolve.

I have to confess that I do not know all the programs that CHITS is in to. My classmates are better equipped to handle this topic.  I am limited to what I could find thru the web and the discussions that came from Dr. Marcelo’s lectures.

The driving question is:

“How can Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) improve the quality of healthcare?”


An electronic health record system achieves its full potential when clinical decision support systems are used with it. I came across this paper, “Development and Validation of a Clinical and Computerized System for Management of Hypertension at a Primary Health Care System”.  I’m sharing screenshots for this clinical decision support system which has been tested for use in India.


Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.31.09 PM

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.32.08 PM


From class discussions, I gathered that CHITS’ function has been as an electronic patient registry and tool for data reports generation.  It would be a worthwhile goal to develop CHITS as a holistic platform which can address public health and primary healthcare concerns, an integrated whole instead of separate disease program platforms. The development of clinical decision support systems could be a step in the right direction in CHITS evolution.

This clinical decision support system which I just presented also provides an algorithm which guided health workers deployed in rural India as to what anti-hypertensive to give. Obviously, the value of the system in our setting  is not in replacing doctors and actual medical consultations.  But I do see this as a risk evaluation system which can be incorporated into CHITS’ present function of patient registry.  Health workers can identify high risk patients, ask them to seek consult with physicians and dispense diet and activity recommendations.  A similar program has been initiated to meet with the millennium development goal of decreasing maternal risk factors by identifying high risk mothers and addressing the risks factors. Hypertension and cardiovascular diseases remain to be among the top causes of mortality and morbidity in the country according to the Department of Health. The dissemination of information regarding hypertension and its risks easily falls within CHITS’ present capabilities and is a welcome addition to its arsenal towards achieving its goal of improving community health and wellness.


1. Anchala Di Angelantonio Prabhakaran Franco. “Development and Validation of a Clinical and Computerized System for Management of Hypertension at a Primary Health Care System.”  Accessed thru:

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